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2020 June/July

Lesson Schedules

Option #1:

Regular Lesson Schedule

Regular piano lessons

first two weeks of June 

Summer break

June 15th - July 17th

Regular piano lessons

last two weeks of July

Option #2:

June Schedule w/ July off

Regular piano lessons

for the month of June

Summer break

All of the month of July

Option #3: Lessons for the entire summer

Several families are requesting to continue lessons for the entire summer. We will gladly accommodate this request.

Your schedule can be tailored according to your scheduling needs. You can arrange anywhere from 1-5 additional lessons.


Please note: The studio will be closed on Saturday, July 4th.

Select your schedule:
Please fill out the form and select your preferred schedule to finish out our 2019-2020 music year.


Thank you!

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